Welcome ...

Dear STEPer,

Welcome to the new STEP intranet.


STEP Web presentation:



Is it your first  visit?

First, click on 'login' (at the top-right) and then click on the link 'Forgetten password'.
Password must have between 6 and 15 caracters and must contain one capital letter and 1 number.
Use you ETHZ e-mail and follow the instruction you received by e-mail.

Keep in mind, the username is the same of your ETH username

If you already reseted your password, you just have to login.

If it does not work, send me an e-mail and indicate me your ETH username

After authentification / login

You are going to see two colomns. The left colomn has two block. The first blok is related to your personnal data and the second block is related to the group data.

Please, complete the following tasks

Profile, Reasearch interest and professional expertises

After login, go to "account" (right/top), click on "Profile".

Go to 'Manage your profile' and update your Resesarch interest and professional expertisew. It will be published on the step web site


After login, go to "account" (right/top), click on "Profile".

Go to 'Manage your educations' and update/add your items


After login, go to "account" (right/top), click on "Profile".

Go to 'Manage your experience' and update/add your items

Affiliation and Awards

Same as Educations and Experience


After login, go to "account" (right/top), click on "Profile".

Go to 'Group activities' -> 'Researches'
Check and update the research for which your are working.


You are nothing to do from that web site, from now.

All publications are imported from e-citation. You have to update/add publications from e-citation

The publication researches are done following those criterias format:
Name, F. or Name, Firstname

For some collaborators, the system only found the following criterai
Name, F.

For other collaborators, the system proposes more criteras because the collaborator has two first name, as Andreas Jürg.
Papritz, Andreas Jürg

If one or some publication are not display, inform me how your name should be shown into the publication.

For some collaborators, I hidde a tyoe of publications because no publications are found. If you create a new publication, ask me to publish the category if it is not shown